Campus Trivia

Did you know that construction of our Pre-Uni Block has been completed in a record 6 months?
There are a variety of birds that visit Camp-Pana. Scholars are eager to spot them and tag them!

Exploring the universe, right down to a molecular level

Lateral explorations Imagine learning about electrostatics charge while playing with with balloons! Understanding trigonometry by observing airplanes as they land adjacent to your Campus in the middle of a valley!  Studying the principles of optics through...

From instruction driven to design enabled learning

What does calculus have to do with my life? Why must I learn about crystals? How will functions and relations help me later? All of us have asked questions like these during our school days. Learning in most schools is an instructor driven one-way process – this is a...

Pana Counselling

Pre-Admission Counselling Most of India embraces Science. It is a field everyone thinks they should opt; what parents think their children should opt. Among the many choices made available by Science, Medicine & Engineering seem to be the most sought after. But in...

Pana in the news

The news gallery contains excerpts from some of the most newsworthy instances from PANA’s History.
From workshops and ceremonies to festivals in honor of students and staff, the News gallery helps you keep in touch with the latest information.

Quality Assurance Network

In the field of education, most talk about courses offered experience of teaching staff, tools deployed for teaching and learning and infrastructure made available to students.


Inter-House Games were held in the Winter months of 2015. Here are the Results:


Inter-House Games were held in the Winter months of 2015. Here are the Results: