Pana Learning

At Pana Pre Uni college, experienced mentors give individual care and attention to each student to foster learning using the latest in technology. Learning becomes a direct experience and the student is nudged back into their own mind, rather than fostering a dependence on teachers. The teacher becomes a mentor, who guides the students on the path of knowledge using the OWN method.

Scholar Help & Academic Reinforcement Programme

In the interest of helping our Resident Scholars in their studies and making the most of their time with us on campus, we have introduced SHARP – Scholar Help & Academic Reinforcement Programme. Each day, one Core-subject is reinforced in a one hour session. Scholars can clarify doubts, reinforce what they have learnt and do much more under SHARP.

Scholar assessment and tracking system

There are companies and corporates spending millions on analysing their goods, services and finances. If airlines, hotels, factories, retailers and other sectors can get into details of how they are faring, why not the education sector?

Creative teaching research and learning

When we stop being creative we stop learning. Pana, the vibrant, world-class institution provides a curriculum based on creative teaching that makes learning fun, exciting and interesting.

Music art dance drama sport

How exciting can Campus life be? – a question we ask ourselves over and over again. We draw up a list of activities, only to bin it and start all over again. The ideas are endless, possibilities limitless!

Tolerance influence perseverance & sustenance

For most Scholars and Parents, a good Academic Record is what is most important. However, many have come to realise that Soft, Life & Survival Skills are lacking in the lives of the “employable”.

Technology & Education

Pana Education is pleased to introduce the Apple iPad as a powerful tool that will enhance how our Mentors reach and teach and how our Scholars learn and acquire knowledge.


Most of India embraces Science. It is a field everyone thinks they should opt; what parents think their children should opt. Among the many choices made available by Science, Medicine & Engineering seem to be the most sought after. But in science the stream you must choose? Are there possibilities to explore in Arts & Commerce? The first step out of school and into college is the most important step in one’s life – the wrong step could perhaps lead to a good salary, but a very unhappy life!