Welcome to Pana Learning- a whole new experience in education!

“PANA” means ‘Transcendental Wisdom’, in the ancient Indian language of Pali..! It’s an insight into the true nature of reality.

Pana Education set in a sprawling 100 acre campus in the verdant green city of Mangalore – one of India’s upcoming smart cities. Our home base is easily accessible by road, rail and air from different parts of India. Pana campus is just 15 minutes from Mangalore International Airport, making it easily accessible.

Our residential facility is a home away from home……. The dormitory is spacious, secure and comfortable. Students are provided with nutritious and hygienic food.

Pana : More than just a name – A Philosophy

We do more than just ‘teach’. The Pana methodology, Open Wisdom Now (OWN), emphasises organic learning, through an experiential, investigative and analytical approach. As opposed to learning by memorizing, this gives them a first hand feel for the underlying concepts that a text book usually fails to convey.

At Pana, we have greatly succeeded in this mission by helping our students in blossoming into holistic individuals through a perfect blend of curricular, co-curricular, and pro-academic activities with our innovative and inclusive approach towards education.

At Pana Education students embark on a learning Journey in natures cradle surrounded by flora and fauna. Classes are conducted using state of the art infrastructure and designed to be stressfree and distraction free environment.

Scholar Analysis & Tracking System, enables daily monitoring of every student to provide timely and accurate inputs for improvement.

These methodologies and systems are administered and delivered by an experienced and academically accomplished faculty, whose goal is to mentor Scholars rather than merely teach.

Our Methodology

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin
This philosophy has been our strategy for students.


To transform individuals into global citizens through experiential learning and holistic development.


At Pana, we took up the mantle of being the catalyst of change in education, to help students know correctly, to convert information and knowledge into wisdom and to make learning exciting.
Our mission is to create a 360-degree holistic environment with emphasis on individualistic approach for student pedagogy, energy charged architecture, extra and co-curricular activities, in an unusual manner and aptitude based early streaming system.