Tolerance Influence Perseverance & Sustenance

For most scholars and parents, a good academic record is what is most important. However, many have come to realise that soft, life & survival skills are lacking in the lives of the “employable”. Corporates, until recently, used to spend millions on getting fresh recruits to learn these skills before being inducted into there work-roles, but they are now beginning to look at those who have already acquired these skills before stepping in.

T.I.P.S teaches our scholars to respect, regard and love everyone and anything around us. Tolerance for others’ beliefs, is something we need to teach most assiduously. Gratitude, kindness, humanity and humility will be highlighted and instilled. Personality development, self-confidence, self-motivation and more, are emphasised at Pana Pre Uni college.

Some of the Modules covered under TIPS Sessions are:

  • Communication
  • Attitude
  • Body Language
  • Good Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Negotiations
  • Mind-Mapping