In the field of education, most talk about courses offered experience of teaching staff, tools deployed for teaching and learning and infrastructure made available to students. While all these are ‘quantifying’ points, what about the ‘qualifying’ points? Who speaks or how much is spoken about the quality of these attributes?

Pana Education introduces its Quality Assurance Network or Q.A.N – meticulously designed and developed to ensure that each element of its institutions, now and in the future, will deliver consistent quality of not just service, but also product. Q.A.N ahs been crafted to weave itself with everything from the quality of furniture, to house-keeping at our domiciles, to teaching and learning, on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. The system writes policies, guidelines and procedures for managing quality and a wide range of reports are generated to see how and where quality needs imporovement.

To ensure complete transparency and efficiency of Q.A.N, both internal and external audits will be conducted periodically as well as at random, by our Quality Audit & Analysis Service (QAAS).

In the near future, each institution under Pana Education will obtain certifications such as ISO and BSI, making quality quite a routine for us, while assuring the very best for you!

Here is a Snapshot of our Quality Assurance Network.
More information will be made available soon: