Embarking on a journey of change…

The two years Pre-University Education is one of the most important junctures in a student’s life; this is the period when a student is to be directed to the right path and supported with the right platform that can bring the best out him. PANA is an ideal learning center that delivers quality, liberal education that fosters independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, and moral values of students. We inculcate a stress and distraction free learning methodology that is experiential, where the student experiences what the teacher explains. The embrace of diversity permeates throughout the entire campus..!

Grow better through PANA Integrated PU College…

PANA, one of the best PU Colleges in Karnataka, is exactly a pedestal for students to reach at heights that they wouldn’t have thought possible, both in case of their professional as well as personal lives. We provide them with the necessary infrastructure with state of the art laboratory and library, and the guidance of experienced faculty. Apart from this, we provide best entrance coaching (CET, NEET, IIT-JEE, NATA, CLAT and CPT) classes by IITians and doctors for students who wish to prepare for competitive examinations along with the Pre University Education. Furthermore, we strive to imbibe the co scholastic skills of students through various co-curricular and pro-academic activities. PANA is also renowned as a college with best hostel facilities.

Our Methodology

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin.
This philosophy has always been our strategy for students, and this made us known as the “college with best teaching methodology” among others!


We are amongst the forerunners of design enabled learning.


Surrounded by rich flora and fauna, the technology driven education hub creates the perfect setting for an exciting journey of learning  for the students.


Experienced mentors give individual care and attention to each student to guide them on the path of knowledge.


Students will now master the latest, learning with the current technology and infrastructure at Pana.


Hygienic and tasty food is prepared daily at the campus dinette to nourish the young minds.


A host of extracurricular activities ensure physical and mental well being of the students.


Separate, spacious and secure hostel accommodation is provided for boys and girls at Pana.


Regular counseling sessions empower students through their journey at Pana to make the right career choice.


CET, NEET, IIT-JEE, NATA, CLAT and CPT specialised coaching sessions provided to give students a learning edge by IITians and Doctors.

Birth of Pana Pre-Uni College

PANA Pre-Uni College is the brainchild of Dr Prasad Hegde, a renowned Radiologist, Philosopher and Educational Entrepreneur. He felt the deep desire to change how we teach and how we learn. Not being satisfied with students taking home just another certificate at the end of the year, he took it upon himself to come up with one of the best residential colleges in Karnataka that would not only just match up, but also exceed world standards.

Academics at Pana


  • Physics ,Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics


  • Economics, Computer Science, Business Studies, Accountancy
  • Economics, Statistics, Business Studies, Accountancy
  • Basic Math, Statistics, Business Studies, Accountancy


  • History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science
  • History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology


To transform individuals into global citizens through experiential learning and holistic development.


At Pana, we took up the mantle of being the catalyst of change in education, to help students know correctly, to convert information and knowledge into wisdom and to make learning exciting.
Our mission is to create a 360-degree holistic environment with emphasis on individualistic approach for student pedagogy, energy charged architecture, extra and co-curricular activities, in an unusual manner and aptitude based early streaming system.


  • To unleash true potential
  • To educate for life
  • To make global citizens
  • To instil high moral and ethical standards
  • To mould spirited & noble humans – generous, kind and tolerant

Pana Philosophy


The purpose behind the transfer of knowledge is to pitch every student on a constant learning curve, and get the mind buzzing with ideas, questions and answers. The intention is to get students to speak, not just talk; to listen, not just hear; to learn, not just read; to question, not just ask; and to inform, not just answer.


The next step is to transform the student into a nurtured, groomed and informed individual. Emphasis is on ‘who’ and not ‘what’, because who we are will help us change the world and be the change.


The ultimate step is to transcend oneself into a different world, into another sphere and order of higher thinking and wisdom.

Who We Are?


Pana seeks to make even the most mundane of tasks unusual and exciting enough to make you want to do it! Pana hopes to change regular thinking by encouraging students to look at things in a different light.


Normal is boring and so are the ‘tried-and-tested’ methods of teaching and learning. At Pana, we encourage students, teachers, parents and anyone associated with us, to try something new; to be different, to be the change.


The ultimate step is to transcend oneself into a different world, into another sphere and order of higher thinking and wisdom.

What do we do?

Introducing OWN

Learning is curiosity Vs experiencing, listening Vs asking, and reflection Vs understanding. We’ve been consistently revolutionizing the education scenario in the field of Pre-University Education, setting the benchmark for others to follow. Educating at PANA is not just learning, but evolving.
Here are 3 benefits that using the OWN Methodology provides to the education system

  1. OWN is a new learning methodology that has been developed and followed by PANA Pre Uni College. It’s a way of direct learning, where the students and the knowledge become one.
  2. The OWN learning method provides students the right to formulate their own questions and equips them to find their own answers. Education thereby moves from being “instructor led” to “Constructive enquiry” led learning.
  3. OWN engages students into a mode of increased inquiry and experimentation, and give them a learning experience with analysis and synthesis to simplify concepts to their very essence, leading to greater understanding.Thus we make learning a direct experience rather than fostering a dependence on Mentors. The mentors at Pana act more as facilitators – helping the wide-eyed, amazed and curious Scholar through the journey of learning .

    Join our Pre Uni courses, embark on our journey of change, be ‘who you can be, who you want to be, and who you should be’..!