The National Nutrition week is celebrated every year during the 1st week of September. On 3rd September, Inaugural of the week was held at the college. Chairman Dr. Prasad Hegde presided over the lamp lighting ceremony. The invocation was rendered by Ms. Ayesha and Ms. Rosemin Shaji. Ms. Rosemin Shaji was the master of ceremony.

Ms.Chhaya K , HOD B.Sc. FND delivered the welcome address and gave some statistical figures of current rankings of India in obesity, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. Also some useful tips for current generation on how to get down the ever rising rate of such diseases were given. The chairman in his very inspiring speech gave some useful insights into the causes and prevention of non-communicable diseases.

The Principal inspired us with his words on current faulty nutritional practices. The students of B.Sc. FND had done a week long survey on food consumption frequency of Pana scholars. Certain foods like fruits, green leafy vegetables, animal foods, bakery goods, junk food and alcohol were considered for the survey. The results were graphically represented and explained on the inaugural day by Ms Mahima Ann Liji and Neha B of IInd FND.A skit titled ‘Food for Thought’ was performed by the students of IInd FND.Ms. Aysha Sanam rendered the vote of thanks. A refreshing carrot oats drink made by the students of IInd B.Sc. FND was served to the attendees.

On 4th of September, ‘Protein rich snack’- cooking without fire competition for scholars and on 5th of Semptember ‘Blind faith’- food identification competition for the Mentors was conducted as part of the Nutrition week and Teacher’s day.