Pre-Admission Counselling

Most of India embraces Science. It is a field everyone thinks they should opt; what parents think their children should opt. Among the many choices made available by Science, Medicine & Engineering seem to be the most sought after. But in science the stream you must choose? Are there possibilities to explore in Arts & Commerce?

The first step out of school and into college is the most important step in one’s life – the wrong step could perhaps lead to a good salary, but a very unhappy life!

Pana, therefore encourages students (and parents) to think and weigh out all options and choices that all three streams present and only then pick one. Our in-house designed and developed tool – ‘AAA’ or ‘Assess, Analyse & Advise’ – is in place to briefly assess the student’s innate Talent, Aptitude, Knowledge and Skill and based on his/her Intelligence and Emotional Quotients, analyse the date and then help arrive at a conclusion as to which stream to choose.

Pana’s Counsellors not only conduct these tests, they analyse the results thoroughly and offer advice to the student. Career options, job opportunities, higher education and so much more are discussed at length; making the most important decision in life easy to take!

Meanwhile, Pana focuses on what is best for the student; therefore be it Arts, Science or Commerce, the quality and calibre of teaching remains equal and high.

Academic Counselling

Once the Academic Year begins, it is easy for teachers and students to get lost in the day-to-day routine of teaching & learning. Based on information from our SATS (Scholar Analysis & Tracking System), our Counsellors ensure that the student (and teacher) is on the right track – with quality, performance and efficiently tested and rated all along the way.

Post-Term Counselling

The work of our Counsellors does not end with the Academic Year.

Post graduation, our Counsellors assist students to choose which university/college is best suited, what his/her options are – streams, courses, subjects, etc. and how to apply to an institution on their choice.

Our team does all the research, spade work and ground work, taking a huge load off parents and students. Students are then free and able to concentrate only on their examinations, rather than bother about what to do next!