Kitchen and Dining

If there is a one thing that students will miss the most, it is their mother’s cooking. Although it may be difficult to match a mother’s home & hand-made food, rest assured we will do our best to at least come close. Some of our delicacies may be outsourced just so that we can cater to as many palates as possible; some will be prepared in our well-equipped and hygenic kitchens.

All preparations and bevarages are checked for consistent taste and quality.

Here’s what our Kitchen and Dining is all about:

High-Quality Cutlery
Sterilised Dish-Washing System
Unique Dining Halls with Comfortable Furniture
Quick-DIY Corner with Microwave Ovens, Electric Kettles, Toasters, Dispensers, Etc.
The latest in cooking equipment (separate for Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian)
Strict measures of Quality & Hygiene control

(Disclaimer:The Facilities and Courses mentioned in this communication are planned/proposed at the time of publishing. They are subject to several conditions being fulfilled, including the number of students opting for each Facility/Course. Please check our website for regular updates on our roll-out schedule.)