Mrs. Vandana Hegde [Director: Excel InfoTech Solutions, Bangalore], conducted a special Self-Empowerment Session at Camp-Pana.

Mrs. Vandana Hegde stressed to the Scholars the importance of Self-Empowerment and Personality Development. She went on to demonstrate and explain various methods to explore one’s inner and external self, which ultimately would lead to one becoming more Confident and Self-Empowered.

Mrs. Hegde takes a special interest in Graphology, the science of Handwriting Analysis. Graphology can be applied to find out about a person’s Psyche and State-of-Mind. Thus, Handwriting Analysis is utilized as an important Psychological tool. As an expert in the field, she went on to explain how a complex personality profile can be identified with the help of Graphology. One’s handwriting also reveals his or her emotional energy. Our subconscious brain guides us through every phase and mood and everything that is put down on paper is a result of the subconscious mind.

The session incorporated practical demonstration along with audio visual presentations, with our Scholars being put through various interesting mind and word games. This session was a part of Pana’s initiative to change the face of Pre-Uni Education.