Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is OWN?

Pana Pre-Univ’s OWN method means Open Wisdom Now, where each day is full of discovery, play and reflection; a journey of direct learning where the student and the knowledge become one.

2. What are the types of coaching given to the students ?

At Pana Pre-Univ, Coaching is given to students for CET & JEE(Mains)

3. When does the coaching commence and how often are the classes conducted ?

Coaching commences from PU 1 onwards, in the month of September to familiarise students with the syllabus.
Classes are held every Saturday in PU1 . PU2 onwards , the frequency of coaching classes will increase .

4. What are the transport facilities for Day Scholars ?

School bus facilities are provided. Different bus routes are in place for this. All Day Scholars of Pana Pre-Univ are picked up from a common spot nearest to their residence .

5. What is the type of food served in the Hostel Mess ? Are there separate kitchens for Veg & Non Veg food ?

The Hostel Mess serves delicious and healthy Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food. Non Veg is served thrice a week . There are separate kitchens functioning for Veg and Non Veg food that maintain high standards of hygiene.

6. Are the students taken for outings from the College? If so, the how frequently ?

Once a month, students are taken for an outing from Pana.

7. Are the students permitted to use Mobiles/ other hand held electronic devices in the hostel ?

Use of any kind of personal electronic hand held devices in the Hostel except the Ipad provided by Pana Pre-Univ is not permitted. The College provides separate mobile phones to the wardens , which may be used by the students to contact their parents.

8. Are the students permitted to visit Church/Temple/Mosque during their stay in the hostel ?

At Pana Permission is NOT granted for students to visit places outside the campus. However , if a parent comes and fetches their ward , then the College has no objections as long as they abide and adhere to the Hostel rules and timings .

9. Will there be separate professionals engaged for coaching in the Gym, Yoga, Music, Arts, Drama, Dance Etc ?

Pana Pre-Univ has a Gym instructor and Yoga teacher currently. Music ,Arts, Dance, Drama professionals are engaged on a need basis .

10. How is Pana different from other PU Colleges? Why should I admit my child here ?

Pana believes in creating a stress free and Inquisitive environment for academic and overall development of students . The number of students per class is limited to 40 , to ensure adequate personal attention given by the lecturers.

The innovative teaching methodology OWN , which incorporates design thinking in education and ignites questions in the student’s mind is used to deliver the syllabus .This makes understanding the subject matter very easy for the student.

11. How are the not so bright students taken care of academically ?

Remedial classes and regular hand holding is done for the academically weaker students. Students are free to approach the faculty/mentors in their free time to clear their doubts.

12. What are the medical facilities available on campus ?

A Sick room for small ailments and Basic first Aid is available in case of any small mishaps on Pana Pre-Univ campus. Parents are contacted in case of hospitalisation due to emergency or illness .

13. What are the steps taken to deal with students suffering from homesickness?

A team of experienced counsellors deal with students feeling homesick. Each floor of the hostel has a warden / faculty to supervise and care for the resident scholars