Lateral explorations

Imagine learning about electrostatics charge while playing with with balloons! Understanding trigonometry by observing airplanes as they land adjacent to your Campus in the middle of a valley!  Studying the principles of optics through photography! Learning frequency and simple harmonic motion through Indian classical music!

Sounds strange and yet so connected? At Pana Pre-University, students learn through observation, experience and hands on activity, guided by world-class faculty with a method that has been designed to help them own knowledge.

Learning, we believe is the synthesis of various experiences and knowledge that we collect at a conscious and a subconscious level, to connect textual theory to the processes of science and life. It is all about exploring knowledge laterally. Knowledge is gathered by experiencing many paths that lead to wisdom and a greater learning.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is a process through which students develop knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting. It creates a fascination in students, who are driven by a sense of wonder, motivating them and creating a strong desire to learn.

When you combine experiential, analytical and synthetic learning you get to learn directly and fully, thus you get:

Learning from Nature, mistakes and successes

Discovery, leading to enquiry

Play, which engages students intellectually, creatively, mentally and physically.

Reflection, critical analysis and synthesis.

Students taking the ownership of their knowledge

This is the foundation of OWN/Open Wisdom Now, a revolutionary learning method designed to engage and inspire the next generation of doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and successful professionals.

OWN Guide-Final FInal-02-02

Within OWN, scientists, scholars/subject matter experts and design thinkers have collaborated to create the right stimuli for young minds to open up and absorb more. Students engage in group activities that are hugely beneficial, encourage team work and mutual support; and bring a competitive dimension to learning which motivates students to strive harder and look beyond marks. Most importantly, it exposes them to other people’s thought processes and problem solving abilities, which helps them to develop their own reasoning skills. OWN empowers students to think more deeply and laterally simply because the answer isn’t supplied by the teacher or a textbook – they are guided to work it out for themselves.

A Natural Environment Inspires Natural Inquisitiveness:

At the lush green 40 acre Pana Pre-University campus, students learn from phenomena right down to a molecular level, being inspired by everything around them, from birdcalls to the diverse and rich flora and fauna that surround the campus, and a connection to each day – to dawn, to rain, to light, to wind and to our changing universe.

A “think, feel, do and reflect” approach is taken to create a strong foundation in basic to more complex subjects. Think about it. Is it ever possible to learn swimming by only listening to the instructor? Can one learn tennis by just learning to a Wimbledon champ? So then, how can the principles of physics be absorbed without a spirit of enquiry?

The time is now, and there is a revolution taking place at Pana to empower students to OWN their learning experience, to retain knowledge and deepen understanding.

Experience this revolution yourself at Ownathon – are you ready for an unforgettable learning experience? Build musical instruments from junk, fiddle with computer programming, build your own robot, or select another exciting workshop from the menu! Come, be curious, learn from nature, tap into your creativity, and most importantly – you’ll learn how to learn in a way that that the learning stays with you.