Creative Teaching Research & Learning

When we stop being creative we stop learning. Pana Pre Uni college, the vibrant, world-class institution provides a curriculum based on creative teaching that makes learning fun, exciting and interesting.

Vark Theory

  • Visual – information in a graphical form
  • Auditor – Information in a spoken form
  • Read/Write – Information displayed as words
  • Kinesthetic – Information through experiences

Multiple Intelligence Theory

  • Verbal/Linguistic intelligence – Learning through spoken and written words: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Logical/Mathematical – Learning through reasoning, logical thinking and problem solving
  • Visual/spatial intelligence – Learning visually and organising ideas spatially
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic intelligence – Learning through interaction with ones environment; feeling and expressing things
  • Musical/rhythmic intelligence – Learning through songs, rhythms, instruments, musical expression
  • Intrapersonal intelligence – Learning through feelings, values and attitudes
  • Interpersonal intelligence – Learning through interactions with others
  • Naturalist intelligence – Learning through understanding nature