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At Pana, dividing students into “Houses” are passe. We believe in the bon-homie natures of “Tribes” – the spirit that binds, the camaraderie, the unwritten understanding of one helping the other and watching each other’s backs. Tribals are known to be keepers of the faith, defending their morals, ethics and principles in every way possible.

Scholars at Pana have been divided into four Tribes, collectively termed the ‘Pana Brigade’

The Pana Brigade

Scholars at pana have been divided into four tribes. The names of tribes are inspired by the ‘brahmaviharas’ or sublime attitudes, which are a series of four buddhist virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them. They are also known as the four immeasurable

College Chief Boy :


Sports Secretary:

Shanta Gowda

Cultural Secretary:

Kavin Ganapathy

College Chief Girl:


Joint Sports Secretary:

Ananya Patil

Joint Cultural Secretary:

Namrata HS


Caring, loving kindness displayed to all you meet.

Tribe Chief:

Sathwik Swamy

Soumya Patil

Assistant Chief:

Kashif Meraj



Compassion or mercy, the special kindness shown to those who suffer.

Tribe Chief:


Shivani Shetty

Assistant Chief:

Zain Ahmed

Sakshi MS


Equanimity, levelness or grace.

Tribe Chief:

Nandan Patil


Assistant Chief:

Suraj Kumar

Sanjana Gowda


Sympathetic joy, being happy for others, without a trace of envy.

Tribe Chief:

Somnath Reddy

Spoorthi Shetty

Assistant Chief:



Debate . Elocution . Poetry . Literature . Other Interests

[ D.E.P.L.OI ]

Our D.E.P.L.OI initiative ensures that Scholars get to showcase their talents and express themselves – their views, ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Skid Club

The SKID or “Scientific Knowledge, Innovation & Development” Club is the place for Scholars pursuing Science, passionate about using their hands and minds to create, invent, discover, practice, experiment and do much more.